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Hector Sosa releases plan to reduce homelessness in Downey

On Monday, Hector Sosa, DJAA coach, board member, and Past President of Gangs Out Of Downey (GOOD) released a four-step plan to reduce homelessness in Downey. Sosa has noticed an observable increase in the number of homeless people occupying Apollo park which is a wonderful facility where kids and families can play sports, walk the trail, have a picnic, or simply enjoy the great outdoors. Homeless people sleep in the dugouts, damage the restroom facilities, and leave considerable trash for other people to clean up. It's not a safe situation for them or for the families trying to use the park. He said that ' As taxpayers, we should be able to enjoy our public facilities without fear or threat'.

Sosa's plan includes four steps:

Enforce Our Anti-Camping Laws: We can prevent Downey from becoming the next Skid Row by enforcing these laws lawfully and consistently. Make the Homeless Aware of Available Resources: We can shelter every person in need of emergency housing since many local agencies are available to provide housing assistance, including The Whole Child, LAHSA, Kingdom Causes, and the TLC Family Resource Center, among others. Rancho Los Amigos hospital also provides transitional housing.

Be Proactive: Downey already has programs in place to support families facing eviction and/or foreclosure, but they don't do any good if families are not aware they exist. Downey Is Not a Homeless Dumping Ground: Downey must make it clear that we will not tolerate being a dumping ground for homeless residents by L.A. County or the City of Los Angeles. Their failures are not Downey's responsibility to clean up.

“I believe it's possible to have sympathy for our homeless neighbors while still prioritizing clean streets,” Sosa said. “Please vote for me, Hector Sosa, and together we can move Downey forward'.


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