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Parents Convicted of Abusing their infant daughter to death

A young girl by the name of Savannah Lucero ended her suffering before her first birthday. The girl was found dead in 2013 and was malnourished, with skull fractures, broken ribs and bruised lungs. Her liver was lacerated and she had several brain injuries according to prosecutors. This week, the parents were convicted of child abuse, and the mother of the baby was convicted of second-degree murder, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

The parents of the poor girl were also found to have permitted their daughter to be injured and harmed to the point that it resulted in her death. A family member called the police one morning after Savannah was found unresponsive. Paramedics rushed the baby to a hospital, but she was pronounced dead. The coroner’s office determined that she died of blunt force trauma. The baby’s body shoed evidence of abuse and Downey police arrested the couple the day after their daughter was found dead.

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