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Downey Bail Bonds FAQs :











What exactly is a bail bond?

Bail bonds a defined as a “surety bond” because it is a contract that you must make with a licensed bail bondsman who is insured by a surety company. The contract guarantees that the bail agent and the company will post the full bail amount on your behalf. It also states that the bail agency is liable for the full bail amount if the defendant fails to show up to court.




How can I pay for a bail bond in Downey?

You can pay for a bail bond in many ways, such as Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, cash or a personal check. We do also offer our clients the option of a payment plan or finance. However, if you choose this option, then we may have to collect some form of collateral, depending on your case.




How is the Bail amount figured out?

When the court decides on the bail amount, they will use many factors that will impact the actual bail amount. The first thing they look at is the charges that the defendant is charged with as well as the severity of each charge. Their goal is to pick an amount that is fair for the charges and that the defendant realizes how severe his actions were.




How can I finance a bail bond for Downey police department jail?

If you choose the option of financing a bail bond, one of our agents will be on the phone with you and will set up a payment plan that works around your budget. However, depending on your case, we may need to collect some form of collateral.




When can I expect to receive my collateral back?

If we need to collect some form of collateral, then you can expect to receive it back as soon as the case is finished. This is to ensure that we have a way for you to pay the full bail amount if the defendant fails to appear to court on his assigned day.




How much do bail bonds cost?

The price of the bail bond is the same in most states because the bail agencies do not decide how much to charge for them. The law states that bail agencies cannot charge more or less than 10% of the full bail amount. This is few is for the risk that bail agents make when completing each bail bond.




How long is the whole process?

The whole bail bond process can take several hours if the jail is busy or as little as half an hour if the jail is not busy. The process includes paperwork as well as waiting on the jail to complete the booking process in the jail. When our agent fills out all of the paperwork, he or she will wait until the jailer clears the inmate for bail and then he or she will turn in the paperwork to the jailer in person. Once that is completed the defendant should be released within the hour of that time.




What happens when you get arrested?

When someone is arrested in a certain city, they will always be taken to the nearest jail unless they have a severe injury, in which case they would take the arrestee to the hospital. Once the arrestee is at the jail, the jailer will put the inmate through the booking process. The booking process could take anywhere from a half an hour to several hours depending on how busy the jail is. Once the booking process is complete, the jailer will then clear the inmate for bail, at which time our agent could complete the bail bond process.




What am I responsible for when I sign a bail bond?

When you decide to get a bail bond for a loved one and sign a contract, you will be held responsible for the defendant. You are guaranteeing that the inmate will show up to his or her court date. If they don’t show up to court, then you will be held responsible for the entire bail amount.




What if I missed my court date?


If you for some reason have to miss your court date, then you will need to contact your bail agent immediately so that he or she could fix the situation. The bail agent will contact the court as soon as possible and will ask the court to reschedule date to one that fits around your schedule. If you have any questionts please contact Sunrise Bail Bonds Downey.

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