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City Of Downey, CA

Downey Ca

Located 13 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, and with a population north of 112,000 people, Downey is most famous for being the birthplace for the “Apollo space program.


What is known today as The City of Downey was the home to the Tongva ethnic group, until the Spanish empire took over the majority of the city and there they built the first and original “Mission San Gabriel”. The San Gabriel Mission remained there for five years until they were forced to vacate by floods coming to the area. The mission was rebuilt in its now current location in the San Gabriel City.


After the conclusion of the Mexican-American war in 1848, the Spanish ranchos among Downey were taken over by the Anglo-Americans, who were migrating from the east to live in California. Downey got its name after John Gately Downey, who was the youngest governor ever to rule California. He was from an Irish decent. He was convinced that California would be a perfect home for orange trees, and he worked on making most of southern California into orange groves, which later became a reason of wealth to Downey and the state.


After Downey was incorporated in 1956, it became home to well known aviation manufacturers. Companies like Vultee Aircraft and North American Aviation (which was bought by Boring) were mainstream suppliers war bombers and airplane parts during World War II. After the cold war faded away, and aviation companies were affected by the defense budget cut down, Many of Downey’s residents lost their jobs in the aviation industry. North American Aviation facilities were later used to initiate the system for the Apollo Space Program and the space shuttle. In recent days, the streets of Downey have also appeared in a the motion picture “Pineapple Express”, which is an American action comedy produced in 2008. Info by Express Bail Bonds.

city of downey california
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