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31 Year-Old Woman killed on Highway in Downey

Earlier this week there was a fatality on a highway in the heart of Downey, CA when a woman was killed stepping in to traffic lanes.The incident occurred in the evening when a woman decided to try to walk across a busy highway and was struck by a sedan north of Downey. The woman was a resident of Los Angeles and was walking in the center median of Rosemead Boulevard near Gallatin Road when she stepped into the lane at about 11:00 in the evening this past Friday. The woman was hit by a 1997 Acura which was driven by a 46-year-old resident of San Gabriel. The driver was not cited or arrested according to the CHP because he did not break any laws and they determined that the woman was at fault for walking into traffic rather than using a crosswalk. Authorities could not determine why the woman was walking on the highway that late at night. She was pronounced dead at the scene and they still have not released the identity of the woman or the man behind the wheel of the vehicle. Police stated that they will not be pressing charges on the man in the Acura and they are not sure if this incident could be a possible suicide. Police are reminding drivers to be extra cautious when driving at night, whether on a highway or city streets. You never know if anyone is trying to cross the street or people on bikes might be very hard to see at night if they are not wearing the proper gear. This also goes for animals in the middle of the road. Being extra cautious at night could end up saving someones life and a lot of heartache for the driver.

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