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Woman Beaten To Death For No Reason

Police were called to the aid of a woman who was beaten badly after an altercation with her boyfriend. Witnesses state that the woman was arguing with her boyfriend at a local coffee shop, when the altercation went from exchanging words to exchanging fists. The suspect responsible for beating the woman began hitting her in the face in front of everybody, but witnesses say that he had his friends make sure that no one got involved or called the police. The man literally beat his girlfriend to death and fled the scene in a getaway vehicle before the police were called. The people in the coffee shop tried everything to get the man away from her but nothing worked. Once the police arrived at the scene of the crime, the woman was rushed to hospital, where she later died. Police are hoping that the man left some evidence that will lead to his arrest, but it is still unsure how they will find him. Police are asking for the public’s help with any information that could lead to the arrest of the man involved. If you have any information regarding this story, then please contact the downey police immediately.

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