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Home Burglary gone wrong in Downey

Earlier this month a family was having dinner when a suspect broke into a home by forcing open a front window. The suspect had a hand gun pointed at the family after entering the home and forced them into the living room where he tied them up together. After tying up the family, the suspect cleaned out the family’s jewelry collection and some money saved up that they kept in the master bedroom. The suspect had an accomplice wait in a vehicle outside and loaded the vehicle with all of the belongings that they took. The suspects got in the house and left in less than an hour leaving the family tied up in the living room. Their neighbors saw the ordeal take place and called the police immediately, but police were not able to show up in time to catch the suspects in the act. Police entered the house and released the family from their ties. The suspects left the house with over $10,000 in jewelry and $15,000 in cash. Police are still searching for the suspects who wore masks the entire time. If you have any information that could help police find the suspects, then please contact Downey Police immediately.

burglary in downey

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