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Man Charged for Double Homicide In Downey

A man that resides in San Bernadino is facing a double homicide charge in Downey, CA according to Downey officials. The 34 year old man, Henry Gutierrez was arrested on August 8 in connection with a double homicide that happened in the city of Downey, California. Gutierrez has been charged with two counts of murder for fatally stabbing and shooting two people in front of a Tacos Mexico. This disturbance occurred early in the morning at about 2 a.m. and witnesses called the police immediately. Both of the victims were taken to the hospital, but both of them died at the hospital. Gutierrez fled the scene on the night of the shooting and the police issued a warrant for his arrests. When the police finally caught up with him, they arrested him in connection with the two murders from the Tacos Mexico Restaurant. He is being held on 4 million dollars bail according to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Officials are still investigating the shootings in order to find a motive or if it started as a domestic disturbance.

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