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A String Of Robberies Finally Comes to an End

In the quiet city of Downey, there has been a string of robberies of liquor stores all throughout the city for the past couple of weeks. Two men dressed in all black and ski masks have been going liquor store to liquor store with guns and taking all of the money in the register. The two men have been able to evade the police for the past couple of weeks and were able to rob a total of 7 different liquor stores in city of Downey. Finally, the two suspects were caught at another liquor store in the city of Downey after they tried to rob the store but ended up getting arrested by the police. The owner of the liquor store was aware of the recent robberies all over the city, so he started keeping a gun under his register and installed a panic button under the register as well, which immediately notifies the police of a robbery in progress. As soon as the two gentleman walked in the store and demanded that the owner give them all of the money in the register, the man immediately pressed the panic button as he started to pull out the cash in the register. In order to keep the suspects there long enough for the police to get there, the store owner slowly pulled out the money and accidentally dropped all of the money on the floor. As the suspects went around to pick up the cash off the floor, the store owner pulled out his gun and fired two shots. The two suspects did not fire back, but tried to flee the store as fast as possible, but the police showed up just the store owner fired two shots at the suspects. The suspects were detained and were connected to the other robberies using the videotapes from the other robberies and they will be charged with robbing all of the liquor stores. It was a good day for all liquor store owners in the area knowing that the two men that have kept them worried are finally behind bars. The store owner took a risk pulling his gun out on armed robbers and the Downey Police emphasize that you should never confront an armed man that way and you should just immediately contact the police.

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